Friday, July 27, 2012

My Trip

I'm going on the 24th of June from NZ to Bangkok to Vietnam to Cambodia back to Koi Sumi  (Thailand)  then back home. I am looking forward to Vietnam. We are going to do a cooking class. Cambodia sounds exciting. I've been to Koi Sumi before and it's very nice . Amy's mum recommended a hotel last time we stayed in Koi Sumi. We are staying there again! Bye! Catch up soon.



  1. Hi Molly,
    Lucky you! I wonder what you will be cooking.

  2. Molly that sounds amazing. I will be interested to hear about your trip, the people and the food.

  3. Hi Molly,

    You lucky girl! I remember going to Koh Samui a long time ago. I still remember the name of our hotel, Puspa Sari, it was very basic but lovely and right on the beach. Sadly I had a sore puku while I was there. Maybe eating green curry for every breakfast for 2 weeks was a bad idea, even though I LOVE green curry.

    I hope you will publish a recipe from your cooking course when you get back, I love Vietnamese food as much as I love Thai green curry!

  4. I made spring rolls and a lovely salad I love green curry too but my favorite is tom kai gai AND MY TRIP WAS AWESOME.
    from Molly

  5. Welcome home Molly. Tom kai gai is yum yum yum. My almost favorite. Oh Molly, I think we will be eating Thai food for dinner tonight. Please let me know the name of your favorite Thai restaurant in Auckland, I would love a recommendation from someone who has eaten authentic Thai food.


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