Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Marvelous MOTAT trip!

Hi it's Room 14 here. We all went on an amazing tour around Motat. First of all we went into the classroom to learn about Electricity. I learnt that if you rub a balloon on your head your hair will stick up like a lion's main.We learnt  about conductors and eliminator's: conductors let electricity go through but eliminators don't let electricity come through. Electricity has to flow though a complete circuit to make the lightbulb work. Static electricity is blue.

By Hannah and Livana


  1. Excellent use of vocabulary Guys, well done with your learning. Motat is a very interesting place to visit.

  2. Hi. I love how you said 'Hi its room 14 here'.

  3. Hi Livana and Hannah,

    Livana, do you remember the project you did at home with your broken watch? From memory you used an orange(or was it a lemon?) metal forks and zest plates. You connected them all in a circuit. Your watch was part of the circuit. By the time you had finished connecting everything the watch started to work, just like the lightbulb in your above example. Citrus fruit is a great conductor Livana. I hope you enjoy science girls, I am a HUGE fan of science. Especially SUPER CONDUCTORS, they are sooooo cool.


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