Friday, July 27, 2012

Room 14s Trip to MOTAT

Hi its Ellah and Anouska  reporting on our trip to Motat. We were going there to investigate electricity.When Room 14 arrived at Motat we met our teacher for the day. At Motat we went into a big classroom . It had a big ball  and when you put your hands on it, your hair would stand on end. IT WAS SO AWESOME. We also made electrical circuits and made confetti stick on a pipe. After a while we went to explore Motat. I had never been to Motat before so it was really interesting for me. I had so much fun in the mirror maze. It was so scary and my heart was pumping. I thought i was going to pass out. What a great trip!

Ellah and Anouska


  1. Hi Ellah and Anouska,

    MOTAT is a wonderful place to visit and yes a place were you can learn a lot about electricity and other interesting scientific discoveries. Perhaps one day you will be a scientist.

  2. Hi Ellah and Anouska,

    I LOVE science! I love it so much I got a university degree in it. With that science degree guess what job I ended up with ... testing ice cream for Tip Top! I had to make sure it tasted nice and was bug-free (bugs love ice cream too. Then after 2 years I got a new job ... making NEW ice cream flavours! All different flavours covered in chocolate with candy and cookies in it haha it was great! Then I helped build huge buildings, mobile phone networks, computer stuff, even films, radio and TV. I worked in loads of different countries. I hope you like science girls, you never know where it might lead!


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