Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meeting Sally Rippin.

On Friday the 24th of August me and Romy went to room 16 to see Sally Rippin the author of Billy b brown and Hey Jack.
She told us all about her, and her family. I think she is one of the best authors ever!! 
I wish I could see Sally's home in Australia must be full of typing stuff, wow. It was great seeing her I bet you would feel the same way as me. She's the best!



  1. Wow!I Bet that was exiting!Please tell me some more!

  2. I love meeting authors they always seem to be such interesting people. Margaret Mayhew has always been my favourite.

  3. OH WOW Violet. Jaime LOVES Billy B Brown, BIlly is like the 5th member of our family (counting Me, Dad, Felix, Jaime and Boots the cat). You are so lucky to have met Sally Rippin. Also, its very interesting to hear she lives in Australia, yes, I imagine her house is overflowing with wonderful storybook ideas.


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