Sunday, November 17, 2013

Megazone party

On the 9th of November I woke up really excited.It was my birthday.I got into bed with my mum my dad and my sister.One of my presents was a play suit.The best present from my family was my dreamy eyed piggy. It was so cute! When my friends came over we went to Megazone. It was really confusing because everyone wanted to go in the same car as me.When we had done our first game of Megazone I had to go around fanning and squirting everybody with my present that has a fan and a squirty thing.When we got home we I opened every body's presents. My favourite one was a robot pig. Aiko gave it to me. After that we had pizza. It was yummy pizza.When all the people who weren't staying for the sleep over were gone we watched a movie and some fireworks. Molly went to sleep first then me and Jolie and finally Esme and Aiko.In the morning we had pancakes. Esme stayed till lunch time.In that time we went to buy some lollies. When we had got home we jumped on the tramp with Esme's little brother while we were waiting for Esme's mum to finish her coffee.

By Ruth

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  1. Dear Ruth
    Sounds like your birthday at Megazone was fun. What team where you in. I love Megazone too


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