Sunday, November 17, 2013

Minecraft Vs Terrira

Firstly the adventure. Terrira has more adventure like the green slime because you can spawn the eater of worlds. Secondly we go to how much you can craft. Well obviously there is a lot more to craft in Terrira.   
But Mine Craft - it's no match because minecraft pretty much is the only one with creative mode on the iPad and I'm pretty sure Xbox 360 Terrira costs $9.99 minecraft costs $9.99 on iPad and costs $40 on computer. But in world size Terrira is your choice. You can choose small, medium, large and you can make your  like on wii when on minecraft you can wear armor and dress up in clothes, in order to do that, go into skins. 

Now it's time to face off with the mods. Minecraft has lots of mods like the boat mod, the M&M mod. You download mods on Terrira mod. There is a flashlight mod the speed mod, so minecraft has more mods. Now it's the last face off the game all together we'll it prepares what you like adventure or building minecraft wins building. It's your choice. But this is my review. 
Minecraft 4pts 
Terrira 4pts

By Jonty


  1. Hey Jonty
    awesome review, I'll remember to try playing Terrira

    from Phoenix.

  2. Nice work jonty ill have to say minecraft is awesome for adventure
    (and stealing on multiplayer) but terraria is good for building cause you can get way ore blocks.
    jack and wyatt


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