Monday, November 11, 2013

My Dad's New Work

My guided writing in 20 minutes. 
On Saturday I went to my Dad's new work. He makes ads. It's a three storey. There's an electronic room. One time my Dad made an ad for Tip Top Ice Cream. It is awesome. 

By Weston


  1. Hi Weston,
    I loved your story about your dads new work!
    What is your favuorite add that he made!!!
    By Ellie

  2. Hi Weston. Tip top ice cream is your favourite. Me too. from Elizabeth

  3. HI Weston,
    I liked how you told us how much you liked your dads ad.
    I liked how explained your dads job and what you liked about it.
    From Sasha & Imogen Room 7


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