Monday, November 11, 2013

My life

Hi I am writing about my life. My life is fun. Things I do is play games,whatch tv,play cards,and sleep.but nothing is better than my family is important to me because they will protect me and no one else will.My favorite place is my home because it's the most safe place I can be.I like to wear shorts nearly all the time because it helps me keep fast.I am fast,sensible,friendly,and good at drawing.When I draw my favourite thing to draw is a cannon shooting out a man.I like the Olympics my favourite sports that's on the Olympics is running,javelin,hammer throw,high jump,shot put and discus.My dad is a builder.My dad can run fast too like me but mum is a seamstress .My mum is great at cooking dinner. Usally my mum cooks raw fish,steak,spaghetti,and ham.My life is cool that's all my life people I'm really happy person too that's it.

By Benjamin

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  1. Hi Benji. Your life sounds awesome what show do you watch do you play fun games or boring games and what do you nomal draw the sports you play sounds so so awesome what is your favourite thing to do at school ?
    From Red.


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