Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Eloise and her fake body

I brought in my plastic skeleton with all  the  body parts  we have in  our  bodies. One  of  the boys  asked me what the pink  thing  was  and I said, "that  it  was  the stomach."  by Eloise.

I am holding the skeleton. 


  1. Hi Eloise,

    Perhaps one day you will be a doctor. How many bones in the body can you label?

    Good use of vocabulary in your writing.

    Well done.

    Mr Barker

  2. Did you let everyone touch the squishy brain and intestines?! Lovely to see your blog post - you guys are all doing so well on the digital front.

    Love Mummy/Frith

  3. Hey Eloise
    Nice blog and cool 'body'. Bizarre to think all that's inside you, eh?
    Keep up the lovely writing and the quick answers to any questions from the boys.
    Brigid X


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