Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Olympic Champion

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My mum went to the youth sailing championships in 1997 and she came 1st and got a gold medal. Then she went to the Olympics twice and she came 8th both times. While she was doing the Olympics she got lots badges from other teams and they traded badges. When she went to the Olympics, lots of children sent her cards to wish her good luck to try and make her win. In the picture there is her uniform, medal and badges. 
 By Toby


  1. Hi Toby,

    You have a very special mum. To even make the Olympics let alone come 8th twice is amazing.
    Your mum must have worked really hard and set some very challenging goals.

    I went to the Olympic qualifying tournament in Bahrain. I played volleyball for New Zealand. We had to play the Giants in volleyball like Japan, China and Korea. They were far to good for us and we were lucky to win 5 points in a set.

    I did like playing against Australia because the games were much more competitive.

    Perhaps one day you will go to the Olympics. What code Toby?

    Mr Barker

  2. Wow what a clever mum you have. Nicola (Elsie's mum)


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