Monday, June 27, 2016

My sleepover

Yesterday I went for a sleepover at Jed's house. When I got there, Jed and his brother Will were watching Ninjago. When me and Jed got bored we went on Minecraft. I built my own village and then I spawned people. Then we went upstairs and played on the guitar. Jed taught me part of seven Nation army. After that we went up to Jed's bedroom and played with his lego and he had built Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle and one of the x wings from STAR WARS. Then we went outside and went on the scooters. Then the pizza man got there. We ate the pizza and the babysitter got there.
then went to bed and had ten minutes on the i pad. I had a great time. 
By Tuscan


  1. Hi Tuscan,

    Hope you were not to tired from your sleep over and that you were a good boy when you went home. Sometimes sleep overs can make you crumby through lack of sleep.

  2. That's so awesome! Next time Jed is having a sleepover can you please tell me? Thank's! From Pace.

  3. Awesome you had a good time Tuscan, thanks for being so well behaved. Lou


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