Monday, June 27, 2016

Family Movie Night -The Pacifier

Yesterday  my family had a movie night.It was a man who was in war  because someone's dad got kidnapped so his team helped him. He stole some water skis. He blew up three water skis then he did a big trick and landed on the boat, and untied the kidnapped adult and took him in a helicopter and safely took him to the ground.

Then the army guy told an helicopter pilot to get them out of there but the driver of the  helicopter  got shot .Then the army guy got shot. 15 minutes later when everyone was back home there was two really nice Japanese next door neighbours and the army guy was actually a visitor.  And the kids didn't like him.

Then that night there was two ninja's but the army guy saw the two ninjas and he fought them and easily took them down because one of the kids got a broom and a mop. Then he went in the garage but the goose got his leg stuck in a metal ground then he lifted and went in and found the two ninjas in there. They were actually their next Ben


  1. Cool Ben, That really makes me want to see that movie to! I hope you had fun on your movie night! By Pace.

  2. Talofa Ben,
    I have seen the movie.......too many times and the main actor - Vin Diesel is a favourite actor of mine. Good story line and the kids are cute. You wrote on the main points of the movie and good paragraphs. Malo le taumafai

  3. I enjoyed reading your write up of the movie we watched on Saturday night. Well done, Ben. Now that you can write well I can let you in on a little secret...I'm a ninja too.



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