Tuesday, June 28, 2016


                            ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

Once upon a time, a long, long, long time time ago in the past, zombies had enslaved humanity! Humans had either been slaughtered, enslaved or infected. They were entirely at the zombies mercy! All but one man... named Marcus! Marcus was the only who hadn't lost his mind to the high Ruler, the King Zombie! Marcus vowed to himself that he would free everyone from their misery. Marcus obviously didn't live in the infected village, he was, of course, an outcast. And he was also quite determined to save his kingdom. When he was ready, he snuck into the infected village and stole a freshly forged sword from the Blacksmith's workshop. The next day he attacked the village, freed the villagers and was crowned king of the village.                                          THE END!

By Pace


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  1. Talofa Pace,
    ok am not a zombie fan, but any zombie called Marcus needs to be read! Good intro and my favourite line is...THEY WERE ENTIRELY AT THE ZOMBIES MERCY! ALL BUT ONE MAN... NAMED MARCUS! - a nice hook Pace and Marcus has a cool looking crown. Malo Pace arrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh!


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