Wednesday, July 27, 2016


In the holidays we went to Wanaka.  We also went in an Air New Zealand plane and it was a very big one.  It could fit lots of people in it.  My dad said that after we have taken of I can play on his ipad. I played angry birds for nearly the whole ride. When I looked back at my dad, he was playing angry birds too which I haven't seen him do it before, but he was playing on his phone.   The angry birds were different levels. The ipad's one was seasons and dad's phone was normal levels, a very easy one.  When we landed in Queenstown, we drove to Wanaka and I was excited to ski. 
By Ben

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  1. Hi Ben,
    How exciting going Skiing in Wanaka. I wonder if you had any falls while skiing!!
    I like to ski but I'm not very good.
    From Toni


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