Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Big Catch

The sea was glistening as the boat sped across the water to find the perfect fishing spot. Maybe I would get a big catch today, Max dreamed. Max imagined the fish was a big Grandpa   Snapper. ''Wake up sleepy head, we're here." Max jumped with a start. ''Ok, ok. I'm ready Emma''. Max let down his line he waited and waited and waited. After an hour the fish started nibbling like mad and then Max's dad's rod started to bend. Paul, Max's dad, whined his rod up slowly. It was a middle size snapper and it flipped around the boat madly. Emma screamed and Max just laughed and helped his mum and dad put the fish in the chilly bin. Emma came out of her hiding spot. As soon as Max put his line down his rod started bending. ''Help dad, help! I can't pull my line up!" Paul helped pull the line up and when the line was up the fish flipped around and guess what... it was... it was a grandpa snapper and Max's dream had come true. By Charlie


  1. I LOVE this story Charlie, such cool descriptions and great adjectives. I would love to have been with Max and Emma to help them cook their yummy fish and eat them too!! xxx Mum

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