Tuesday, August 2, 2016

End of life

Once upon a time there was a planet named Earth, and was going to be turned into nothing but an ice planet because the sun was going to die. The sun will turn into a white dwarf and earth will get hotter and hotter because it is orbiting a very hot star. After 4 billion years in the future the white dwarf will cool down and will get colder and colder and then earth will be habitable for four to six thousand years, then it will freeze because the sun would be cold and then the same would happen to Mercury too. The End
 by Jozier


  1. Hi Jozier,
    I enjoyed reading your story. A very interesting ending. From Toni

  2. Talofa Jozier well done. Some interesting words in your story and good variety on your sentence starters. Jozier one questions, what is causing the sun to die...very interesting. Good sharing and keep up the good work.


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