Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a great game but it is also very dangerous because some people can walk on the road and get hit by a car. Other people can walk off cliffs. Some people have already died because of Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is very addictive because people are on the hunt for rare Pokemon, even I play Pokemon Go sometimes. Did you know Pokemon stands for pocket monster? 
I wouldn't play Pokemon Go near a busy road. but if you want good Pokemon you should go to mission bay?
Pokemon Go has eggs that you can hatch Pokemon from. The eggs are 2.km eggs, 5.km eggs and 10.km. You can get Pikachu, Squrtle, Charmander and more from the 2.km eggs. I think you can get Syther, Electabuzz and more from the 2.km eggs. And finally The 10.km eggs you can get Lapras Snorlax and more. So now you know all about Pokemon Go. By Torin

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