Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Yummy Popcorn Recipes

Do you like popcorn and chocolate and cola?    Have you ever had all three together?       
Well now you can! Just follow this recipe! From the book, Popcorn. 100 Amazing Popcorn recipes to make at home.                                



.  1 1/3 Servings Poped Popcorn

.  120 g [ 4 oz ] butter ,plus extra for forming balls

.  85 g [ 3 oz ] bron sugar

.  120 ml [ 4 fl oz ] cola, left to stand until flat

.  1 teaspoon salt

.  About 50 g [1 3/4 oz ] plain chocolate, melted


Line 2 large baking trays with nonstick baking paper
Place the popcorn a large bowl.

In a medium pan, over a gentle heat, melt the 120 g [4 oz ] butter. Add the brown sugar, flat cola and salt, stirring frequently until the sugar is dissolved. Turn the heat up to medium to high and bring it to a boil. Do this for 2 minutes. Pour the mixture over the top and toss gently until all the popcorn is coated. Wait for it to cool and then butter your hands and form into 10 balls. Put on the baking trays and when it is completely cooled, drizzle it with melted chocolate. Wait for it to cool before eating.
Serve immediately.

By Tuscan


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