Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Shape Shifter!!!!

Not a time ago long I learned to shape shift I pranked my brother into thinking that my dad had A snake that could talk. Then I turned into a beast with 20 arms 10 guns and 10 light savers. My brother's skin started to shrivel up and he turned into a man made out of rock and He flew out the roof and he crossed arms and they burst into flames. Meanwhile I was getting my new gloves on the gloves have the force in them and can lift anything up and my legs were magnetic so if got guns they would stick to my legs so he couldn't use them. As soon as I was finished he threw 4 fire balls at me and I dodged them all and I shot my guns and one bullet his arm and the flames went out and the the room went black and then I learned that my body could glow in the dark and in that time my brother had his arm back on fire and shot my guns again and this time it hit his arm and it actaved a butten on his arm that turned his fire into a gun and he stuck to me so I stabed him because I had the charns then Mum came in and we instley turned back nurmel and she niver knew. 

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