Friday, September 16, 2016

The Teenage Actress (Let's go to Hollywood) Chapter 1 The disapuntment By Zoe

Once there was a actress named Stella.

"Isaac go away I'm on the phone with the director," said Stella, half way in a conversation. "But your always on the phone, and you never play with me." sighed Isaac "I promise I'll play with you after this work call. Ok,"said Stella who was really nervous because she was about to get a starring role in the new movie. Surfs up people. 

" Sorry about that Jack." (the director) So what were you going to say?" "Oh nothing, it doesn't matter." " No really tell me," said Stella jumping with excitement." Ok but it doesn't  matter. I was going to put you as the lead role in Surf's Up People, but you're too busy with your brother that I'll put One One instead." " Noooo I'm not too busy, I promise...." but Jack had already rang up... TBC        

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