Sunday, November 6, 2016

The science show

On the 30th of October the Kauri team watched a science show. The scientists were called Allen and Emily. Five kids came up the front and had to try to find out what they were, tasting, sniffing and looking at. They also told us about the periodic table and lots more.At one point, Allen put carbon dioxide in a sealed container.The lid popped of and the carbon dioxide went shooting out. He put some blue stuff in a cup and poured it over a teacher.The blue stuff stayed in the cup! It was the best science show ever! By Olive

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  1. Talofa Olive,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed the science van - the two scientists were very funny and really did show a love of curiosity ...which is what science is all about. Who was the teacher that got blue poured over them, what it your teacher (wish it was - heheheh) Good sharing and I do hope the little class experiments are going well. Manuia le po Olive ps thank you being the Ginger Crunch Queen - I loved it.


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