Monday, March 20, 2017

How to be a ninja

How  to  be  a  ninja  

Step    1   Ninjas  are  silent   on   secret  missions.

Step  2   If    you  want  to  be   a  ninja    you  need   weapons. 

Step   3    You   need    a  suit.

Step  4    Find a  ninja   club . 

by  Sienna.

The Green Aliens and the Ninja. By Sienna


  1. Talofa Sienna
    The Green Alien and the what a cool title for your story. Sounds interesting and your instructions about becoming a Ninja are very helpful. ps the only problem I might have is finding a ninja suit! Good work and am glad you made the ninja interesting.

  2. Your instructions on how to be a Ninja are very clear Sienna.
    Thanks for sharing
    From Toni

  3. Poppy has always wanted to know how to be a Ninja. Thanks for sharing Sienna!! :-)

  4. I'm already a Ninja and I like these instructions, thanks:-)

  5. I want to be a ninja and now I know exactly how to be!! Thank you.


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