Monday, March 20, 2017

Poppy's Baby bird's Nest

Poppy holding the bird's nest.

At my nana's house my nana found a bird nest.And my mum had to go to Australia so my nana looked after me and my sister while my mum went to Australia.So when my mum was away me my nana and my sister watching TV we cut the bird nest out of the rose bush.Once we got it out we put in a box.when we went to go pick up my mum up I brought the bird nest with us.When my mum came out of the airport I showed her my bird nest my mum was surprised. She said WOW because she'd never ever seen a bird nest that big. And then we left and brought it to school.   

by Poppy


  1. Talofa Poppy
    I LOVE NANAS - and am sure you do as well. How lucky you get to do cool stuff wtih your nana and sister...a birds nest, am sure your teacher will enjoy the nest being in class as much as mum did at the airport - hehehehe. Love the sharing and hearing that you do crazy cool stuff still with your NANA! Good sharing and keep it up Poppy.

    1. Thanks for your comment Otalani :-)

  2. Mumma Fleet here. I am very proud of you Poppy. Keep up the cool writing!! xxx


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