Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Dragons are cool but sometimes fierce but they're not real unless it is a story.  Don't think of them as a enemy because they're not unless  you're a dragon. Not everyone has a dragon, even I don't because it is a lot to handle. Never have a pet dragon unless you're six years age and over. Oh! Now I can get one if I can afford it! which I probably can't. Now remember you have to believe in dragons.

By Poppy


  1. Kia orana Poppy
    I love dragons...and if could afford one I would get one. I have seen the dragon making in your room and they look colourful and very fierce. Good sharing and kep up the great work.

    Aere ra

  2. I've heard that feeding them is also a bit of a bother, but keep believing and you never know. NIce writing Poppy. LIz


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