Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Yesterday I was playing netball.  I played GD, WA, GS, GA.  I  got 1 goal  it was a half game. The score was 13 to 0 and we got 13 . I bent my finger back and it went click. I had tears in my eyes.  But I was OK. I was really mad when the another team got the ball. We were really proud of us. I am in the year 4 netball team for Grey Lynn school.

By Stella.

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  1. Stella you played a fantastic game as did the rest of your team - mum and dad are really proud of you and how far your team have progressed. You actually got 3 goals so that was great to see on my birthday :)
    Try and not get upset when something doesn't quite happen how you had planned or hoped in sport - focus on all the good things and how you can improve.
    Cant wait to see you play again soon.


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