Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Super sleepover Sunday

On  Sunday  me  and  Stella had a  sleepover and we went to the wave pools . Stella went on the big slide. It was fun. After  that we got changed and had hot chips it was yum. After  that we we went home and watched Sleepover.   It was really funny. We had pizza four dinner and then we  got a  bun with  chocolate  icing  on top.  It was also yum. Then we played hide and go seek. Me and Stella hid under her bed. Sadly we got found first.

By Ava


  1. Kia orana Ava, thank you for sharing. That is a lot of fun for a Sunday. The cool thing about being "found" is you get start all over again. Good sharing

    Aere ra

  2. You and Stella had a lot of fun didn't you Ava... I bet you slept well on Sunday night when you went to bed.... Stella did - Claire


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