Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My creepy little brother

Another typical day at school. Mum and I walk down the hill. ‘’Mum Alex had another accident.’’ ‘’Change him then.’’ We're back home, happy for some reason. ''Maddie you have to change the baby.’’ ‘’I thought I heard mum say you have to.’’ ‘’Nope. Liar, liar pants on fire.’’ ‘’This is how my sister's fight- it’s a nightmare. The fact that I have to live in this family drives me crazy. They always blame everything on me cause I’m the the second youngest in the family. Second youngest means the most mischievous. Everything Alex does makes them say “Aww’’ And no offence to Alex, but he sometimes freaks me out. There was a time that Alex came in my room and he was talking. I have never met a baby at 2 years old talk so fluently. I ran to tell mum and dad but they just said it was normal old 2 year old stuff. I was actually scared of a little baby for 1 whole year. One day we went to go see the movie Trolls. When it was the sad part, you know when they almost get eaten, Alex started grinning so hard the whole theatre heard it. Also at the end of the movie when all the trolls were happy, he felt so depressed. My little brother might be a little creepy, but I love him no matter what.
By Aniva

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  1. What a wonderful story about your brother. I agree that brothers can be sometimes freak us out but we love them just the same. :)
    From Toni


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