Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The gold dragon who ate gold

Once in a dark cave there was a light but it was  yellow. It was a dragon and it ate gold - it only ate gold it never ate fruit, vegetables and meat.Then one day the dragon smelled gold and the gold was in a village, but I don’t mean an ordinary village. It had boys who stole bread and there were broken lamps, fire engines and cars.Then the dragon flew out of the cave and headed to the village. Then one man said "there's a dragon in the sky," and the dragon landed.Then the dragon saw the gold - it was in a shop.Then that man got a net and threw it on the dragon but the net was too small. But the dragon did not CARE. The dragon reached in and grabbed the gold and flew away.The people ran and followed the dragon until they got to the cave. Some people started to climb but it was too steep. Also they switched to plan B but only one man knew plan B. So he raced and got a helicopter. One second he blew the cave up with the dragon inside. After they had a celebration because they blocked the way the dragon would come out. Now the village was safe. By Nikhil


  1. I enjoyed reading your story Nikhil . What a very greedy Dragon he was.
    From Toni

  2. Talofa Nikhil
    Yes a very very greedy Dragon! Good introduction to your story and like the way you added promblem solving skills to your story....a helicopter, now that's cool.
    Malo le to'aga


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