Saturday, May 7, 2011

7 word stories about our Holidays

 We thought Andrea was crazy ! How are we supposed to tell a story using only 7 words?

We had to think carefully about what we wanted to say and use JUST the RIGHT words to tell the story.

Here they are....

My days were filled with kiddy activities. Andrea(teacher)

I was busy making jewellery at work. Stacey(student teacher)

The place I went to was bigups.        by James

In the holidays I went to Whanghamata.      By Flynn

On Sunday I saw gold class HOP . by Shae

I saw Rio Gold Class on Saturday. By Jack.

In Whitianga I went to the movies. by Rebeka

On Sunday I went to the Hindu temple. By Aum

Me and my brother got new games. by Elijah

On Monday my family watched the rugby. By Kayleen

Well done Room 13.


  1. This seems like a real challenge for you room 13,don't know if i could do that.Well it sounds like you guys and girls had a fantastic holiday.

  2. Hi Room 13
    That must have been a real challenge. It would be quite hard for it to make sense with only 7 words to use.
    From Faye Rm15 Grey Lynn School

  3. Hi room 13

    Man it must have been a challenge only having seven words you could use. You guys rock!
    I understod every single one. I want to do every single thing too.

    from MINNA Rm15


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