Monday, August 1, 2011

PMI for GLS Live Term 2

Term 3 GLS Live 
Review and Solutions.

Camera is moving around a lot and making the picture wobbly.
Have a tripod or a camera stand to steady the camera.
Use a music stand to hold the ipad in place.
Can hear the class in the background moving chairs around and some talking.
Class could be doing silent reading outside while the classroom is used as a studio. 
News readers not always focussed and looking at the camera.
Hold cue cards directly behind the camera person so the news readers eyes are looking straight ahead.
News readers should practise a lot and speaking clearly and with good volume.
Sometimes wearing green when using the green screen.
Don’t wear green or you can borrow a jumper from a friend.
Don’t wear green on Fridays if you’re a news reader.
Sometimes certain groups didn’t finish their news item so they weren’t part of the programme for that week.
Use your time wisely. Monday to Thursday is enough time to get a story written and illustrated.


  1. Hi GLS Live , Reflection,

    That is great that you have a solution to those problems. What did you do to solve these problems? Did you research it or did you figure it out by yourself or collaborate?

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields School.

  2. Great problem solving room 13. You had very hard problems and you solved them very well. I might use those strategies one day. Keep it up room 13.


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