Wednesday, September 21, 2011

GLS Live week 8

Well, we have gone through all the different countries that are here for the Rugby World Cup 2011. WE have saved the best for last, The All Blacks. 

Room 13 brainstormed what they thought people might want to know about the All Blacks and used the iPads to research and write our own stories.

We hope you enjoy our latest edition. 
And please stay tuned...we are changing our GLS direction. 

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  1. Talofa Room 13,
    What a fantastic effort from everyone who presented. Great information, clear speaking and the facts were interesting.
    I learnt something new from watching your news clips. The All Blacks being called the All that made me laugh. Am glad that they did changed it to the All Blacks, sounds better don't you think?
    Well done and keep the news pumping the GLS way!!


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